Three Problems a Production Inventory System Solves

A production inventory system helps you manage the quantity of materials and supplies you keep on hand for the manufacturing process. It can be challenging to keep a manual inventory (clipboard and scratch count or spreadsheet) of all of the materials you have on hand. If a customer calls up and asks if you can make the items for them, looking up multiple spreadsheets or counts and mentally calculating the quantity on hand versus the possible order quantity can be a real nightmare.

A production inventory system helps prevent shortages and delays when it comes to fulfilling customer orders. Time is money, and with the right inventory system in place, you’ll save both!

Three Problems Solved by a Production Inventory System 

Most manufacturers face one or more of these three problems. You’ll probably recognize some aspect of them from your own business dealings. A production inventory system can go a long way to preventing and easing them in your company.

  1. Uncertain inventory levels: If you’re unsure of how much of any item you have in stock, you can’t give an accurate estimate to a customer on either time or cost. Knowing exactly what you have in stock and how quickly you can turn it into finished goods means the difference between saying “yes” to an order versus a “no” or “maybe.” A production inventory system can give you with certainty and accuracy the quantity on hand.
  2. Shortages: Perhaps worse than not knowing inventory levels is giving your word to a customer that you can meet their order and then finding out you don’t have enough quantity on hand to do so. Production inventory systems can help you with accurate counts to avoid shortages.
  3. Poor projections: Projecting sales and orders for each quarter takes time and accurate data. Without accurate data, your guesswork may be considerably off. A good inventory program provides the real-time data you need for accurate projections.

Scanco Manufacturing 100 Offers Excellent Support for Manufacturers 

Scanco Manufacturing 100 is the new barcode data collection system for Sage MFG 100 Cloud. This production inventory system tracks materials and allows you to complete jobs more efficiently and get them to your customers quickly. Happy, satisfied customers mean repeat business!

Please contact us online or call (330) 645-9959 to arrange an appointment with a Scanco Solutions Expert.

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