Warehouse Operations the “Engine Room” of the E-Commerce Business

Warehouse operations are, according to Nick Finill, Principal Analyst at ABI Research, the “engine room” of the supply chain.

Last year’s Amazon Prime Day and Cyber Monday saw record-breaking sales over $4.2 (Amazon) and $7.9 billion (Cyber Monday.) According to Supply Chain, online retailers are increasingly seeking warehouse operations software to improve their speed to fulfillment and manage overall inventory more effectively.

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Upgrade Your Warehouse Operations as a Remedy For Talent Shortage

Warehouse owners and operators are in an interesting situation: On one hand, business is booming, which everyone would agree is a great position to be in. However, companies are still having trouble attracting (and retaining) employees. The talent shortage is having an impact on how employers are looking to change the way workers perform their warehouse jobs, but not necessarily in the way you may think. Savvy employers are looking to upgrade warehouse operations with some automation to improve efficiency and productivity, while keeping the human involvement in the equation.

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Rising Retail Store Closures Could Mean Higher Sales for Distribution and Warehouse Operations

If you own or manage a warehouse or distribution center, you may have had cause to pause over the past few months when you’ve read headlines that have been focused on the number of retail closures slated for 2019. While it’s true U.S. retailers have already announced nearly 5,000 stores will close since the start of the year, it doesn’t necessarily mean there will be an inevitable crisis in warehouse operations. The changing retail landscape can lead to higher sales if we dig a little deeper.

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The Top 3 Warehouse Operations Best Practices: How Does Your Business Stack Up?

When it comes to warehouse operations, businesses often value various best practices differently. To one business, using inventory for quality assurance is their primary concern, while for others, inventory control to cut costs is important.

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Reduce Costs, Increase Customer Satisfaction with Warehouse Operations Best Practices

With modern technology changing so quickly, it sometimes gets easy to lose sight of the basic (some would even describe them as “old fashioned”) methods necessary for achieving business success: Keep an eye on costs, since they eat into your bottom line. Customer satisfaction is always a priority; all customers have the potential to become repeat ones. You can accomplish both goals by adopting some of these best practices for improving warehouse operations.

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