Using a Supply Chain Management System to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

A supply chain management system can greatly enhance customer satisfaction. The Logistics Bureau states that 79% of companies with high-performing supply chains achieve growth above average; only 8% of companies with less-than average supply chains report strong growth. A good supply chain management system is the backbone of any manufacturing business

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Your Supply Chain Management System Can Help Compensate for Talent Shortage

It’s no secret the warehouse industry has been experiencing a significant talent shortage. At the same time e-commerce sales are booming, it’s proving challenging for companies in the industry to attract and retain talent. Are you facing the problem of trying to do more with fewer employees? Is the lack of talent holding back your plans for expansion? This is the time to work with technology, such as your supply chain management system, to help fill in the gaps left by the worker shortage.

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Three Things Your Supply Chain Management System MUST Have

Okay, so there are probably more than three things your supply chain management system must have … and what it must have can vary according to your business needs. There are, however, a few things that we believe every supply chain management system should have in order for your business to get the most for its money.

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Why Your Supply Chain Management System Needs These 5 Features

Your supply chain system is an integral part of your business. When the activities of purchasing, operations, and logistics all work together, the expectation is that your customers’ needs will be met. Ideally, everything would move up and down the supply chain smoothly and without incident, since even one mistake could prove to be very expensive. When thinking about how well your supply chain management is working in your company, there are certain tools and features that you’ll want to make sure you have at your disposal to create more value and reduce the likelihood of errors.

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A Good Supply Chain Management System Enhances Customer Trust

A good supply chain management system enables customers to check their order updates. It provides real-time updates so customers can immediately see where their items are in the shipping process.

Think about tracking packages via UPS or USPS. It’s comforting to see your niece’s birthday present moving from the warehouse to the first step on its journey. The updated delivery dates let you know that it will arrive in plenty of time for her birthday party.

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Does Your Supply Chain Management System Line Up With Your Business Strategy?

As a business owner, you would have spent time developing a core strategy for your company. These are the words or phrase that you have selected to define the way you do business. More than ever, it’s important that your supply chain management system reflects your business strategy. When making choices about implementing a new system, do so with your company’s core values in mind.

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