Three Problems a Production Inventory System Solves

A production inventory system helps you manage the quantity of materials and supplies you keep on hand for the manufacturing process. It can be challenging to keep a manual inventory (clipboard and scratch count or spreadsheet) of all of the materials you have on hand. If a customer calls up and asks if you can make the items for them, looking up multiple spreadsheets or counts and mentally calculating the quantity on hand versus the possible order quantity can be a real nightmare.

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Common Problems Manufacturers Face and How a Production Inventory System Can Help

In the early days of your manufacturing business, you no doubt put in long hours to make your initial idea a reality. As sales levels increased, you realized the hard work was starting to pay off. Around this time, the level of inventory you have to carry to keep up with orders likely took a jump as well. You may also be running into some common problems which are clear signs it may be time to consider a production inventory system.

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Why You Need a Production Inventory System

It doesn’t matter what type of product your business is manufacturing; if you don’t have an effective system in place to manage your inventory, there are going to be problems. Some companies are trying to track their stock manually, using spreadsheets. This method is inefficient and has a high likelihood of human error. Accurate data is essential to your company’s success. A production inventory system is a good way to keep orders flowing and customer satisfaction rates high.

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