Get Accurate Stock Counts With the Right Manufacturing Inventory Software

Improve inventory accuracy with the right manufacturing software: barcode software. With Sage 100/JobOps (MFG100) software that’s compatible with Sage 100 (2018 version or higher) you can automate warehouse and inventory updates. Instead of guessing at how many products are in the warehouse or whether you need to reorder, inventory counts can be looked up right in the ERP system, providing you with up-to-date counts and values.

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Choose the Right Manufacturing Inventory Software and Lower Costs

Inventory is one of the most substantial investments made by any manufacturer. When you make smart inventory management decisions, you can maximize your profits and make a difference between a business with a healthy balance sheet and one that is struggling. The right manufacturing inventory software is a valuable tool that can make a difference.

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Manufacturing Inventory Software Addresses Several Top Challenges

Manufacturing inventory software can help companies address several challenges in the new year. For example, an Industry Week special report indicates that among the top 10 challenges facing manufacturers, cost hits the top 2, 3, and 4 respectively: materials and labor costs as well as price reduction pressures. All of this boils down to the fact that customers want to pay less for the same thing.

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Make Real-Time Monitoring With Manufacturing Inventory Software Your Superpower

The business world has always been a competitive one. More than ever, all types of companies, including manufacturers, need to rely on accurate data. The modern world is a constant flow of messages. Having access to data quickly means business owners and managers can increase efficiency, improve scheduling and maintain better levels of inventory control. Manufacturing inventory software gives you the power to make real-time monitoring a reality—your superpower directly at your fingertips!

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