Lose the headache associated with physical counts!

It's no secret, physical counts or cycle counts can be a daunting task. Manual physical counts can be very time consuming and tend to yield a lot of errors. Historically, these counts take place once a year while consuming a lot of resources. Typically conducted with pen and paper.

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Keeping “Safety Stock” as Part of Inventory Management Solutions

Your business’ inventory management solutions may include the practice of keeping safety stock. Safety stock refers to that little bit extra you keep on hand for rush orders or if a supplier can’t get more items to you quickly.

Marking safety stock in your inventory management systems is a smart way to ensure you never have to say “No, I’m sorry, I’m out” to your best customer when they call with an order.

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Inventory Management Solutions and Safety Stock Lower the Risk of Running Short

As a business owner or manager, you know that keeping inventory on your shelves ties up cash. Until those raw materials can be converted into orders, you don’t have a way to recoup that money. In the meantime, you have to store and keep track of the inventory until needed—without running short. The right inventory management solutions and including some safety stock in your overall planning mean you can keep your inventory lean while being able to meet current and future demands.

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Strong Direct-to-Consumer Business Starts with Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory management solutions may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re considering how to improve your direct-to-consumer (DTC) business, but successful e-commerce companies know that managing a hefty investment like inventory means good business management. With the growth of the DTC model over the past few years and companies like Glossier, Away, and The Honest Company skipping the intermediary step of bricks and mortar retail, it pays watching the growing field of DTC and its relationship to inventory management solutions.

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As DTC e-Commerce Grows, Need for Inventory Management Solutions Follows

There’s little doubt that the retail landscape across the US and worldwide has changed. Technology has given consumers more options when shopping, and they are no longer limited to products available from local businesses. Now they have access to goods made anywhere in the world with a few clicks in their favorite browser.

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