Lose the headache associated with physical counts!

It's no secret, physical counts or cycle counts can be a daunting task. Manual physical counts can be very time consuming and tend to yield a lot of errors. Historically, these counts take place once a year while consuming a lot of resources. Typically conducted with pen and paper.

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Inventory Management by Manufacturing Needs

Inventory management remains a crucial business process regardless of manufacturing needs. Inventory may be classified differently based on where it stands in the manufacturing or production cycle, but it still must be counted, maintained, and managed accordingly. Without the right inventory management tools in your business, you’ll continue to suffer losses—big and small—due to inefficiencies.

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Take Control of Your Physical Inventory Management With the Right Tech

As a manufacturing business, your company runs differently than either a retailer or a distributor. Instead of selling finished goods, you are buying raw materials and putting them through your manufacturing process to convert them into the product line or lines that you sell to your customer base. Inventory isn’t simply a matter of moving goods into your warehouse and then shipping them out when orders are placed, which means you need to have a good inventory management plan to ensure that you keep track of it with the right technology.

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Inventory Management Systems vs. Warehouse Management Systems: Do you Know the Difference?

As your manufacturing business grows, the challenges and rewards will multiply. One of the challenges you will encounter is managing the number and quantity of items for sale. If you are at the point where you know you need help, how do you decide between an inventory management system and a warehouse management system?

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