Reduce Your Inventory Shrinkage Costs With Inventory Control Software

As your business grows and you have more inventory coming in and going out of your warehouse, it becomes more likely that some items will become lost or damaged. Inventory shrinkage happens to companies of all sizes and takes a bite out of your profit margin. There are steps you can take to reduce the occurrence of this type of threat, and inventory control software is an important part of that solution.

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Buying Inventory Control Software? Make Sure It Is Compatible With Your ERP

When buying inventory control software, your first inclination is to talk to your IT team. That’s natural; after all, you’re buying software. The IT team should be involved.

But the person whose feedback is most valuable for the process is the purchasing manager.

The purchasing manager is the team member who knows whether the system under consideration “plays well” with your current systems. That’s absolutely essential when adding inventory control software to an existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, for example.

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In a Smart Manufacturing Facility, Choose Your Inventory Control Software With Care

As manufacturing facilities become more technologically advanced, we are seeing more and more companies implement interconnected systems and networks. Past and real-time data is made available to users within the manufacturing plant itself, along with outside workers, such as sales representatives and service technicians. The data from the network would also be shared with customers and suppliers, which means having the right inventory control software is very important for today’s businesses.

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Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Service With Inventory Control Software

Any business owner will tell you that building customer loyalty is something that is a key component to success. At one time, offering value by offering quality products at fair prices and having attentive employees was a good way to foster this type of loyalty. Now, brand loyalty may matter less to buyers who are expecting a combination of low prices, free (or low-cost) shipping, and next-day delivery. Inventory control software is a valuable tool that gives you real-time data and improves the customer service experience.

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