Handheld Scanner Software and Other Warehouse Improvements

Handheld scanner software and other warehouse improvements can make your business safer and more cost-efficient. These scanners work with typical smartphones, tablets, and other equipment, so there’s a relatively small learning curve for employees to learn how to use them. Best of all, they integrate easily with Sage 100cloud, streaming information on your inventory directly into your ERP system.

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Handheld Scanner Software and Other Cost Savers When Moving Your Warehouse

If you’re planning to move your warehouse in the foreseeable future, it’s a good time to review the way your business currently operates. Think of the move as a type of fresh start, no matter how long your company has been up and running. If there are areas where your company is already doing well with keeping costs down, then you’ll want to continue with them at the new location. Some improvements can be introduced before the move, such as introducing handheld scanner software, so your team will be familiar with them by the time you get to your new address.

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