By Scanco Software • December 13, 2018

Supply Chain Software Solutions: What You Need Now

Supply Chain Software Solutions What You Need NowSupply chain software solutions are available to help you better manage your business. These solutions encompass better inventory management, greater insights into your business. and more. With barcode scanners, for example, you can maintain tight control over stock levels. Real time data lets you know exactly what you have on hand to fulfill orders land what you need.

There are several supply chain software solutions that can help you remain competitive:

  1. Integrated ERP: Newer supply chain software may also integrate with ordering software to speed up the ordering process. This is a great example of supply chain software solutions that shave precious time off the process to enable you to fulfill customer orders faster and better.
  2. Business Intelligence: Another innovation in the world of supply chain software is the advent of business intelligence. BI solutions, integrated into ERP systems, provide data on your business that leads to valuable insights. This real time data is invaluable. In order to react swiftly to changing market forces, you need to know exactly what’s going on now. BI offers that real-time window into your business systems so that you can react swiftly.
  3. Barcode Solutions: Yes, barcodes are nothing new and have been around for a long time in the world of supply chain management. Yet such solutions tie together fast data capture, data sharing, real time insight into performance and stock levels, and more. Newer solutions that utilize smartphones as scanners make training easier since workers are already familiar with using smartphones. It’s a great way to improve efficiencies almost effortlessly in your warehouse.

Scanco offers barcode solutions that provide real-time data for integrated ERP and BI systems. You can improve warehouse efficiencies, supply chain insights, and more. With the right data, all business systems and processes improve.

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