Lose the headache associated with physical counts!

It's no secret, physical counts or cycle counts can be a daunting task. Manual physical counts can be very time consuming and tend to yield a lot of errors. Historically, these counts take place once a year while consuming a lot of resources. Typically conducted with pen and paper.

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Fight Zombie Stock Head-On With Warehouse Inventory Control Software

Zombie stock isn’t the name of the next major health issue that you and your employees need to be concerned about. It may sound like the next low-budget summer creature film that will be featured at theatres this summer. Even though the name may seem amusing, it describes a common business problem that should be taken seriously. Zombie stock has the potential to cause havoc for your business. You can protect yourself with the right warehouse inventory control software.

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5-Step Inventory Tracking System to Control Flow and Improve Efficiency

Is dealing with inventory an ongoing issue for your business? Is controlling inventory flow and improving warehouse efficiency high on your list of priorities? These are common issues for many business owners and managers. If you don’t have a good plan for managing inventory as it moves in and out of the warehouse, then the chances of something falling through the cracks are much higher. The results are lower efficiency, higher stress for your entire team, more product returns, lower customer satisfaction rates, and more. Take control with an inventory tracking system and turn these issues around.

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