By Scanco Software • December 18, 2018

How to Handle Manufacturing & Inventory in Acumatica

How to Handle Manufacturing & Inventory in AcumaticaIf you’re one of the 4,000+ customers who use Acumatica Cloud ERP, you were probably drawn to the solution because of its anywhere / anytime access, flexible deployment models, and unlimited user availability, which helps you connect to your suppliers, vendors, customers, and partners with ease. All of these are typically big selling points for manufacturers who come to Acumatica from older ERP systems.

However, the increased productivity that Acumatica brings means you now need to work at a different pace. A much, much faster pace.

Not sure how to keep up with the manufacturing & inventory sides of your business now that you’ve made the switch to cloud ERP?

Read on for helpful tips.

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  1. Ensure Real-Time Operational Insight

With that fast, fast pace of work these days, it sure would be awesome if we could all get crystal balls and see into the future, so we could prepare for the next day’s orders. Unfortunately, predicting the future is still the stuff of fantasy, mythology, and science fiction … so, unless we learn magic or figure out how to time travel to the future, none of us are going to be able to see what’s coming next. However, that doesn’t mean we have to be stuck in the past.

Instead, we can all get real-time insight, powered by flexible manufacturing & inventory tools that integrate seamlessly with Acumatica ERP. Using up-to-the-minute data capturing technologies, such as barcoding tools, manufacturers and distributors can gain critical insight into job status, completion rates, QC, stock levels for inventory and finished goods, and more.

If your company is currently typing in data after each task has been completed (or worse: in batches), you’re missing out on critical real-time insight, which means you’re making important business decisions based on information from the past.

  1. Use Barcoding Tools

You have a cloud ERP, which is the latest, greatest thing. (We’re not joking; cloud ERP really is amazing.) However, since you have the latest, greatest, cutting-edge tech for your ERP … why are you still relying on those outdated ruggedized scanners you’ve been using for a decade?

With your new Acumatica ERP, it’s time to ditch those inflexible, hard-to-use, heavy old scanners and move on to something simpler to use and definitely easier to train on. We’re talking about barcoding tools that work with your smartphone.

That’s right. These days, you can get barcoding tools that will take care of automation for manufacturing & inventory management all at once, with a device that everyone from age 3 to age 83 knows how to use. Barcoding tools on smartphones provide the accuracy and speed you need to succeed in today’s business landscape, along with the hands-free, voice-directed capabilities your company needs to do its best.

  1. Keep Your Numbers Accurate

What do manufacturing & inventory management have in common? They both rely on highly accurate stock numbers.

Ecommerce-driven warehouses that service B2B or B2C clients must always ensure that they know exactly what’s available on the shelves at any given time, so they can avoid shipping delays. JIT manufacturers must keep a close watch on their raw materials to ensure they can meet their deadlines.

With modern inventory-tracking solutions, such as barcode tools made for manufacturers and distributors and perfectly integrated with Acumatica ERP, you’ll always know your:

  • Stock levels for raw materials
  • Inventory counts for finished goods
  • Items in kits
  • Bin locations and stock locations
  • And more…

When you have insight into all these areas, you can confidently schedule labor, handle procurement, maximize your sales and production, and better manage each and every job, so you can ensure happier customers and more productive workers.

You Chose a Great ERP – Now You Deserve a Great Manufacturing & Inventory Management Solution

You probably noticed that each one of those items was supported by barcoding tools. No surprise there, because barcodes are a tried-and-true solution that has been powering warehouses and shop floors for decades.

Throughout those decades, Scanco has also been there in the warehouse and on the shop floor, supporting the latest in barcoding solutions.

Since 1989, Scanco has been proud to introduce the most cutting-edge technologies that ease workloads for manufacturers and distributors. For the past few years, we’re grateful that we’ve been given the opportunity to work with Acumatica Cloud ERP to develop a flexible, useful, and time-saving tool your plant or warehouse can use to better manage your manufacturing & inventory needs. 

Contact Scanco online or at (330) 645-9959 to learn more about how you can use barcoding tools in your organization. And, by the way, congratulate yourself on making a good choice. You’ll love Acumatica ERP.