Now is the Right Time to Upgrade to Manufacturing Automation Software

There is no doubt the manufacturing sector has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Activity has slowed down and the outlook for the future is uncertain. The findings of a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York may indicate there are some reasons to hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. As the sector recovers, this is the right time to upgrade to manufacturing automation software.

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Throw the Paper Away and Improve Visibility with Sage 100 Warehouse Management

Many warehouse managers would say that one of the main reasons for lack of warehouse visibility is that too many companies are still relying on pen and paper to record data. This is a fast-paced industry, and the hand-written spreadsheet method simply does not work anymore. It simply is not efficient and is not conducive to effective warehouse management.

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Out With the Old and In With the New: Moving From Sage Work Order to Production Management

In 2019, Sage announced it was launching Sage Production Management. This software option is made up of features that are intended to replace the Work Order and the Material Requirements Planning modules currently available in Sage 100. If you are currently using Sage 100 or Sage 100cloud, you will want to find out about this new option.

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Hate Mispicks? Top 5 Reasons Companies Adopt a Barcode Inventory System to Eliminate Them

If you were to ask a business owner to reveal the secret to their success, they may say that it lies with their sales team. You could also argue that their success is due to continued customer satisfaction. Yes, the sales team is the company’s lifeline and, if no sales are being generated, the company will be in trouble very quickly. However, if the company can’t follow up on those sales by offering first-class customer service, the company will also experience difficult times due to a lack of repeat orders and more time spent resolving customer concerns.

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3 Tips to Keep Your Field Service Business Running Smoothly in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has created challenges for all types of businesses. Many business owners have had to change the way they interact with their customers. Some have had to close down temporarily. Those who have been able to stay open may have had to limit the number of customers they can allow on their premises at any one time. Field service businesses may have had their customers be the most hesitant since they may have had customers unsure of whether they should even allow a mobile sales representative to visit their premises at all.

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Inventory Tracking Software Can Help Keep New Warehouse Hires Safe Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Epidemic has created an unprecedented situation that has made changes in how we do just about everything in our lives. Customers who used to go shopping at a retail store are now shopping online. Business is booming for online retailers and the demand for distribution workers is higher than ever.

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